SBODIO32 presents “sense-me” | Milan Design Week 2017

A project based exhibition under a curated theme during Milan design week that interacts with the public through a series of events, seminars and workshops. Held at the Lambrate Design District. Hosting range of contemporary emerging talents within the fields of design, fashion, arts and music in the era of the innovation paradox between materiality and advanced digital techniques.

 SBODIO32 presents “sense-me” | Milan Design Week 2017 Pleasure evoked by design.
An arousing sensation, feeling, smell, color or texture. An exploration of how we are connected and what attracts us. A form of soul, spirit and sexuality. Utilizing nature and technology to create new archetypes and objects of devotion, able to take us to different places, other times and alternative states of mind, as they take on meanings and significance beyond the sum of their material form. A new generation of design influenced by Shamanism, Eroticism and Technology. Objects that will become nomadic and ritualistic, innovative and futuristic, layered with other energies, embedded with a soul. Design that touches you: sensual, sexual, avant-garde and contemporary, representing the Y-Generation.
Welcome to SENSE-ME; The sexiest experience of Milan Design Week 2017.

AERO Bicycle
Ahmad Khouja / Damj Design
Ara Levon Thorose
Asli Kutluay
Babeth Rammelt
Bernard Khoury Architects
Cansu Goksu
Christian Fregnan
Daniel Coleman
D'armes Luminaires
Dennison Bertram
Elie Metni
Etienne Bas + Nada Borgi
Hakan Yarman
Hamm Design
Jaro Kose
Jason Bird of Luxxbox
Mark Sturkenboom
Natalia Criado
Naz Ozturna
Nour Haydar
Nour Saccal + Maysa Saccal
Renato Ruatti
Salim Kadi
Wael Farran


18th- 24th MARCH 2017
EMERGING SKINS | The Architecture for Human Body

The Architecture of the Human Body and its evolving symbiosis with Technology; Envisioning body extensions, as physical integration elements that combine aesthetics and functionality. Aiming to provide a critical environment for speculation on the possible transformations of the contemporary human body.

The workshop focuses on the research of geometrical explorations, aesthetic behavior of generative patterns and material performance through medium between computational design, digital fabrication and traditional sartorial techniques in couture fashion.

Tutors and Professors:
Designer and co-founder of MHOX STUDIO
3D Modelling for Product Design Professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna
Member of Co-de-iT
Developer of Tissue, plugin for computational design in Blender

Fashion Designer and Director of ARCHilista

Professor of Fashion Publishing at Brera Academy and IED Milano.
Director of Risekult Association.

Course Leader of Design Bachelor at NABA Academy

Tools: Rhino 3D, Blender Modelling and Sewing Machines.
*Previous knowledge of the softwares is not compulsory.

Technical Partner:

Organized by: EZGAAT


A 7 days workshop to activate and build the main installation of "sense-me" edition for Milan Design Week 2017 at SBODIO32 warehouse in Lambrate.

An exploration of computational design strategies and low cost fabrication techniques developed by RC6, a research laboratory based at UCL / The Bartlett School of Architecture. A part of Bartlett's BPro programme, RC6 traditionally engages in the development of design methodologies positioned at the overlap of digital and analogue computation, primarily investigating concepts which merge traditional, low-tech manufacturing processes and advanced technological concepts.

Topic of this workshop - Composite Bodies - represents RC6’s ongoing research into hybridised material systems consisting of soft membrane materials and light-weight infill aggregates. In this particular case, from a material point of view, we will be looking into custom designed lycra pieces, filled with styrofoam beads and spheres and constrained with series of performative stitches. The resulting parts will be coated with latex and used to create series of interlocking components and surfaces.
The workshop itself will consist of 2 stages. The first two days will be dedicated to intensive software training sessions. Students will be introduced to multiple digital platforms focusing on scripting in Processing and 3D modelling/sculpting in Maya/ZBrush. Aim is to enable students to understand algorithmic design processes and procedural modelling techniques and to help them to learn how to customize pre-made scripts and how to embed them in their individual workflows.

RC6 Program Director:

Workshop Tutor:
Lead Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects
Visiting Lecturer at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture

Workshop Professor:
Politecnico di Milano

Teaching Assistants:
Thomas Bagnoli, Evgenia Makroglou, Kalliopi Mouzaki, Darshan Singhania
ucl bartlett rc6 graduate students

Softwares: Maya, Rhino, Grasshopper, Processing
*Previous knowledge of the softwares is not compulsory.

Fabrication Tools: Lycra, Styrofoam beads, Latex, Sewing machines.

Organized by: EZGAAT

Program and Events:

SBODIO32 will be hosting a full time operating bar and restaurant during the whole week as well as special events, performances and parties.

Official Opening hours: 11:30 – 23:30.

Tuesday 4th April 2017:
11:30 Doors Open.
13:00 Lunch event
15:00 Composite Bodies Workshop Presentation
19:00 Aperitivo/Cocktail sense-me Exhibitors.

Wednesday 5th April 2017:
11:30 Doors Open.
17:00 Press Preview
18:00 A conversation About Sex - VR
19:00 SBODIO32 Opening Party.
22:00 DJ set

Thursday 6th April 2017:
11:30 Doors Open.
18:00 A conversation About Sex - VR
19:00 SBD32 Eyewear Launch Party
22:00 DJ Set

Friday 7th April 2017:
11:30 Doors Open.
18:00 A conversation About Sex - VR
19:00 Heidi Horsturz Performance
22:00 INCISO Event

Saturday 8th April 2017:
11:30 Doors Open.
18:00 A conversation About Sex - VR
19:00 Performance
22:00 SBODIO32 Closing Party

Sunday 9th April 2017:
11:30 Doors Open.
14:00 Brunch / sense-me closing festival
15:00 A conversation About Sex - VR
18:00 Final Performance
00:00 Doors Close